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Hair Care Brushes, Combs

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Knot Genie Hair Detangling Brush Rid Of Tangles & Knots Special Need Self Help $12.14
The Wet Brush - Best Hair Detangling Ouchless Massager Shower Brush U Pick Color $6.75
Vintage Sears Pure Boar Bristle Genuine Satainwood Brush $9.99
Revo Styler, The Amazing Rotating Hairbursh - New In Box $62.00
Vintage Butterfly Pattern Handy Foldable Hair Brush Comb New $1.39
Vintage Avon Hairbrush Brush Crystal Mini Nib $9.95
Wen By Chazdean Signature Boar Bristle Medium Round Brush New $14.99
The Original Revo Styler Rotating Hot Air Brush $65.00
Knot Genie Hair Detangling Brush Kids Girls Tangles Knots Really Works Bean $12.09
Nib Mason Pearson Pocket Bristle & Nylon Bn4 Dark Ruby Hair Brush $68.95
Mason Pearson Junior Hair Brush Bristle Nylon $29.99
Scalp Massage Brushes 5-pack (assorted Colors) $5.39
Teeny Genie By Hair Detangling Brush 20% Smaller For Kids Un-tangle Knot Bean $11.99
Raymax Salon Laser Hair Loss Thinning Balding Therapy Dht Comb $499.00
Revo Styler Brush , Split Ender, Video, Comb, 2 Brushes In All $25.00
Mason Pearson London England Hair Brush Junior $29.99

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Thu Jan 29 2015

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